We got Squigly (and Big Band Details)!


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Wow you guys are amazing. In three days we’ve not only paid what we need for Squigly but her story mode and such too! We’re 2/3 of the way there to getting Big Band, and now his information is up on the IndieGogo page!

Click the page to find out, otherwise join us on Skullheart to talk about it all and keep donating!


Keep Skullgirls Growing! Squigly Indiegogo Campaign is Live!


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The Indiegogo campaign to raise money to fund Squigly is live! The first day isn’t even over with but we’re absurdly close to meeting our goal! There’s more in store though, stretch goals will provide us with story, stages, music, and even more characters! Hit that link to find out more and let’s do all we can!


Squigly Crowd-Funding News!


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CEO of Lab Zero games Peter Bartholow has released some more information in regards to the crowd funding Michael had mentioned on Cross Counter. Here’s what he had to say:

But, yeah, we’re crowdfunding her! This won’t be a typical crowdfunding thing, though: when she comes out she’ll be free for a limited time forĀ everyone, and after three months or so, her price will go up to $5. This is to add a “ticking clock” element to it and try to minimize possible freeloaders, and encourage people to pay $5 now if they were planning on doing it the “normal” way.

We’re still finalizing the rewards, but I can say that we’ll have PC codes w/ beta access for one of the tiers. I think people should be excited about, since it means they’ll get to playtest characters in development and provide feedback, something that… really doesn’t happen outside of Japan? Or even inside of Japan, unless you’re Daigo or something.


The first stretch goal is a male character.

So get your wallets ready to help out, we can do this! To find out more about the conversation hit the thread itself up on the Shoryuken forums!

Skullgirls is Coming to Japan!


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Man all this good news is just fantastic! Following on the heels of the announcement of Skullgirls being at Evolution we have news that the team at Lab Zero games has the funding to go ahead with bringing the game to Japan! Cyberfront is the company behind bringing it to Japan, check them out and more news about this announcement right here!

Skullgirls at Evolution 2013!


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The good news just keeps on coming! First we get official tournaments at UFGT 9 and CEO 2013, now Evolution has joined the fun! This year Evolution will provide dedicated set ups at the BYOC, top 8 will be on stream as an exhibition, and even $1,000 will be thrown into the pot! How sweet is that? Thanks Evo! Find more about it here!