Ravidrath, the community manager (among other things) over at Reverge Labs dropped this little bit of info for those still waiting on that release date over at the Skullgirls forum on Shoryuken.com:

I guess I haven’t made this explicit enough: we don’t know when the game will be out.

It’s not really up to us at this point. The dueling bureaucracies for Microsoft and Sony are what dictate when we actually release.

We know of some possible candidate release dates, but we don’t know when it will actually be out. It will be announced as soon as we know, and it will likely be a surprise to us right up until we are informed when the game will be released.

So they know as much as we do at this point, let’s not badger them in the meanwhile ok? Just enjoy the perpetual launch party! We have cake!

Also interviews will start up tomorrow!