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While I attempt to round up the other folks for an interview here’s the first one of the batch, Sanchez! Feel free to talk of his work ethic in the comments!

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CanopyKingdomHOW ARE YOU?
Sanchez: Besides the fact I lost my voice at NCR–I’m doing pretty good

CKLost your voice? Too much hype?
Sanchez: I like to think of it as strategic derisiveness, but yeah, hype.

CKWell that’s good, but don’t over do it! So what did you go to NCR for?
Sanchez: I went to play KOF13 and to help out with the SkullGirls set up. Had to make sure everyone gets to enjoy the pleasure of fighting solo Parasoul.

CK:: KOF13 is a great game, but it makes my lack of execution pretty apparent : Before I get into the meaty questions answer me this: What the hell did you play in the past? Give us some insight on who SANCHEZ is~  Keep the glowing ego to a minimum!
Sanchez: I’ll try to contain my immense sense of selfworth! I’ve played every fighter released to some degree, but I payed the most attention to 3S. I even made it to EVO top 8 when I teamed up with MikeZ and as expected from a Alex and Makoto SA3 team we embarrased ourselves in front of everyone (thank goodness 3S got the poverty hour that year).  I’ve also put in some work for BlazBlue, but stopped when CS2 was relased.  And I think I played SF4 to a very marginal success.

CKSo you’ve dipped your toes into pretty much everything, right?
Sanchez: Dropped about 15 bucks on day one Arcana Heart when it was at Arcade Infinity. Really wish Rumble Fish 2 had a bigger following. Fun fact–I’m still trying to get a Chaos Breaker board to play on one of the old AI machines that my buddy owns. I give everything a chance. 

CKOh god Rumble Fish 2 had me by the hooks for a while when it dropped here at Chinatown Fair. *tear* So what’s your history with Skullgirls then? Chums with Mike_Z?
Sanchez: Dude, RB2’S Mito was the first time I broke my rule of playing only white guysin fighting games. Sans homo.

CKOoh I hated that bitch. Justin made me despise her so.
Sanchez: Giving people the overhead chop of death was the fucking best I’ve known Mike for a while, met him at FFA via combovideogodking Magnetro. And like all good FG friendships we immediately disliked eachother.

CKAnd now you just barely like each other?
Sanchez: We tolerate each other. At best.  But I’ve been a Special Consultant* on SG ever since Mike was put in charge of the engine. *Self proclaimed

CKI see. Well then, let’s just cut to the heart of the matter, after playing it at NCR this past weekend what do you think?  Feel free to blubber / rant on about it as you wish!
Sanchez: The same thing I’ve thought about the game since I played Mike’s engine. It’s fucking awesome. Personally, it feels like MVC2 sans the stuff that made it too ridiculous. Stuff like, custom assists, and the smart infinite protection system make you wonder why other companies haven’t done similar things.

CK: What do you personally enjoy about the game though?
SanchezThe fact that keepaway is a viable as rushing that shit down makes me smile.

CKJoin the club, we have jackets!
Sanchez: I also enjoy landing as many Sniper supers as possible, I’m up to three per combo! I wear a L in men’s, by the way.

CKSPLENDID. I wasn’t even aware she could combo more than one. 
Sanchez: Yo, my smile just grows wider with each round fired. This is wothout assists mind you.

CKSo I’ll just assume you rocked Solo Parasoul the whole time?
Sanchez: Yerp, waiting for a specific character to be my 2nd. My execution with valentine is currently pretty ass, but she’s tons of a fun and I have a lot of stupid ideas to try out.  I like to think that my solo parasoul helped balance the game. Solos used to be pretty hefty in the damage department. Beating Mike more than I should have helped bring that fact to light. 123 donkey kick x sniper shot once did like 35-40% to triple teams.

CKThat’s quite a big change. Sounds like there will be less birthdays to be celebarated perhaps?
Sanchez: Going from a brolic to big damage isn’t that big of a change. You’ll get the usual number of birthdays. Especially when you have LVL3 loaded. One bad assist call and it’s cool hunting time.  A good air combo into motor brigade usually does enough to get people to stop calling assists recklessly.

CKSo it sounds like you’re looking forward to it? Unless that Consultant position pays you hefty amounts to say otherwise?
Sanchez: Mike pays me in burgers and horrible jokes. Oh God, the jokes…  And by “pays me in burgers” I mean he drives me to Tommy’s and makes me pay for him

CKWhat kind of burgers?
Sanchez: The burgers are usually of the chili kind. Which means I also get paid in flatulence.

CKThis interview is veering off into a lovely tangent, let’s talk about how you think the game will do with the rest of the community at large?
Sanchez: I think it’ll do really well if everyone gives it a chance. There’s a lot of brand name players who really like the game–especially within the MVC2 crowd around these parts. That’s not to say you should wait for an endorsement to try it. Fuck that noise! Play it cause you like it. Or at least play it to stop me from beating people at tournaments. I think that’s a noble enough goal.

CKYeah I’m waiting for the game to come out so I can get the NYC crew to be all over this game, we’ll see what happens.  Also you’re not good final boss material, me thinks.
Sanchez: I’m more of a midboss.  Difficult until you learn what to do.

CKAnd then I can just sit behind you while you are spamming that attack that takes off like 40% life.
Sanchez: Also, I’m weak to Shotgun Ice!

CKAny tips on people looking to get into the game / weary of what’s out / like hamburgers?
Sanchez: Be creative! The amounts of crazy shit you can do with custom assist is immense. For example: Cerebella’s standing MP is a fun assist to mess around with. Also, spend some time in training mode. This is definitely a game that rewards exploration.  And if you ever play Mike please note that he always rolls toward you. Mix him up accordingly!

CKPredictions on who everyone will be playing out of the gates?
Sanchez: I think Filia and Parasoul are gonna be pretty popular. Filia for her great rushdown / mixup potential.  Parasoul cause Sniper shots are cool.  More than likely you’ll see a good mix of the cast. There’s a character for everyone.

CKAwesome. I think that’s pretty much all I had to ask, thanks for your time! Anything you want to add before I let you go back to being Mike’s butler?
Sanchez: Methinks butler is too grandiose of a title. I’m more of a goon. The only closing remark I have is play SG, it’s a good game.

CK: Oh, what system will you be playing on?
Sanchez: Xbox360.  More than likely I’ll be at every event that has SG. Be it weekly or major. Come by and tell me I suck!

CKSounds like a plan, thanks again and always go medium well!
Sanchez: Always!