According to yet another post Ravidrath has made on neogaf, Skullgirls now has a confirmed release date, for XBLA anyway! It’s set to come out April 11th. The full post is below, along with details on the probable date for release on Playstation Network. For the record, this is not an April Fool’s joke either.

So…We have passed Microsoft certification, like… literally within the last 30 minutes. On a Saturday!? Yes, on a Saturday.

The game will be released on XBLA worldwide on April 11th, for 1200 MS points.

Unfortunately, we still cannot be 100% certain on PSN release date, because, well… it’s Saturday. Sony has separate submissions for different regions, which makes it more difficult to nail down, too.

North American PSN release will very probably be April 10th, but we are still awaiting final confirmation. And as you might expect, the PSN version will be $14.99.

I want to apologize for having to leave you in the dark on this for so long. It has been agonizing, and MS’s “leak” on Xbox.com didn’t help at all. We would have denied it sooner, but the reality is that Microsoft was still trying to slot us on April 4th as late as yesterday morning.