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After enjoying the weekend helping a good friend over at Aksys Games to run his booth for PAX East we’re back with but a day left before Skullgirls drops for the PSN and a day more for the XBLA!

For now check out http://www.twitch.tv/ultrachentv for Mike_Z and James Chen trying out the game and dropping plenty of info!

Shoryuken.com has a great piece with Mike_Z where he talks of history, development, and gameplay philosophy and Skullgirls of course!

Reviews will be gathered up in the coming days as they trickle out, along with plenty of media that is sure to make its way to the interwebs! Otherwise have fun playing everyone, and don’t forget to try the demo if you’re on the fence for buying the game!

Feel free to send us whatever you’ve got too, day one combos, strats, all that good stuff, you may see it put up here!