Well things are going pretty crazy in my neck of the woods so the news has taken a breather, sorry for that! This time I’m back with a good chunk of news, just in case you haven’t come across it~

First off is a link to Jon Holmes (of Destructoid) live stream show Sup Homles? with Mike Z that happened two weeks ago. They go over a little of everything, from an overview of fighting games in general, Mike’s design choices, and giving praise to EX every so often. Check it out right here!

Next is important news regarding Skullgirls players on PSN in Europe. It details the bug that will have the game freeze when they try to play internationally. Read up about it in detail here.

Lastly is the news that the PC version of Skullgirls will likely have cross platform play. This was caught on twitter not too long ago.

There’s more stuff coming guys, promise!