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Mike_Z has started to make the local rounds with the next build of Skullgirls, his first stop being The Mixup. The build features a multitude of changes that will play a large role in how the game will  grow and develop in the future. Hit the jump for the changes listed, along with the stream archive where much of it is displayed. Just remember that this build is not final!


Skullgirls Patch Changes
  • Added New Tournament Mode
  • All colors are available in tournament mode.
  • Sparring mode is not available in tournament mode.
  • Tournament mode starts you off in button check after controller select and before character select so you don’t forget to do it.
  • Unplugging a controller after a match takes you immediately back to controller select.
  • Match options cannot be changed off the default options in tournament mode.
  • Tournament mode will not grant you achievements, so the game will not freeze during gameplay.
Global Changes
  • Infinite prevention system now treats standing normal, crouching normal, and command normal as the same move. (Example, s.LP, s.MP, s.HP, c.LP, s.MP, s.HP previously wouldn’t trigger the iPS late in a combo. Now it will because s.LP and c.LP are both considered “grounded LP” for the purposes of detecting infinites.) This makes combos shorter and makes the game more “resetty”.
  • Hard tags now count toward the IPS.
  • DHCs no longer reset the IPS in some instances.
  • Random situations in which the IPS triggered without actually performing a loop after a one frame link have been fixed.  (One frame resets still do trigger the IPS.)
  • The throw tech window has been increased by 3 frames after a grab. (Cerebella’s air command grab is not affected.)
  • Hit-sparks no longer change to pink when comboing an assist character.
  • When comboing a character after death, they become immediately invincible after the infinite prevention system is triggered, ending the combo.
  • Assists now take 20% more damage when hit, up from 6%.
  • DHC freeze glitch has been fixed.
  • Alpha counter bugs have been fixed.
  • Forward techs no longer take priority over backward techs.
  • Redundant achievement freezes have been removed.
  • Fixed an issue where characters would transform into hit-boxes while art was still streaming. Instead, they briefly turn into de-resed versions of their normal art. Mike Z describes it as “looking all eight bit.”
  • Assist inputs are now more lenient.
  • Assists can now be called six frames before you can normally act.
  • LP+HK and LK+HP are now assist 1 commands for pad players.
  • Double jumps no longer cancel their momentum when put into pre-block.
  • Menus now wrap.
  • Online performance has been tweaked to avoid slowdown on bad connections.
  • Glitches involving the game freezing when choosing to change stage have been removed.
  • PS3 matchmaking has been altered. Matchmaking is now more lenient. Only three tiers are available.
  • New regions are available for matchmaking.
  • Save data corruption has been fixed.
  • New training mode options and in-game move-lists are planned.
  • US vs. EU crashes have been fixed.
  • Excellabella is now easier to input on the custom assist menu.
  • Merry Go-Rilla does the correct ratio of damage as an assist now.
  • Excellabella’s range has been increased.
  • QCB+LP might be added as a secondary motion for her projectile reflect.
  • Glitches involving a snap back hitting an armored move have been fixed.
  • 360 protection now applies to double jumps so you can spin the stick in the middle of a jump in order to throw when you hit the ground.
  • Cerebella’s run throw no longer whiffs on crouching Valentine.
  • Fixed a problem where Cerebella’s run throw would occasionally push back the opponent much further than it was supposed to.
  • No longer gains meter while Catelite Lives is active.
  • Hornet Bomber H no longer has invincibility on start-up.
  • All versions of Hornet Bomber now cause techable knockdown. (Mike Z made a point several times to say that he personally thinks that the Hornet Bomber changes are unnecessary but he is being forced to make them.)
  • Jumping HP now causes 27 frames of hit-stun down from 37 frames.
  • MK followup and HK have both slowed down by 3 frames each and have slightly less hit-stun
  • Nightmare Legion is 2 frames slower on startup.
  • Nightmare Legion’s animation is faster.
  • Nightmare Legion knocks you in the opposite direction after it completes.
  • Nightmare Legion now causes techable knockdown.
  • Nightmare Legion’s damage has been reduced.
  • Nightmare Legion no longer stops when an opponent dies in the middle of it.
  • Double is no longer invulnerable during Nightmare Legion.
  • Air Hair Ball can now be negative edged.
Ms. Fortune
  • Ms. Fortune’s head flies approximately a screen’s length away from you after OMNOMNOM. This happens both when the move ends and when the opponent is hit out of it. It will always fly in the direction opposite of the nearest corner.
  • Mike Z said another OMNOMNOM change will be made but it is not implemented yet.
  • The last hits of Headless Furserker Purrage now hits all crouching characters.
  • Rekka timing is now more lenient.
  • Bugs involving strange head movement after death have been fixed.
  • Input window for her level 3 is now more lenient
  • Teleport now has three more frames of recovery
  • Tear explosions now scale correctly based on ratio.
  • Tears now do damage to Marie.
  • Blockstun from tear explosions are now three frames shorter.
  • Minimum damage on Buer Thresher has been tweaked.
  • Painwheel’s tag in no longer starts you at combo stage 1.
  • Spin-Dash’s move input has been changed to hold down, mash kicks. It activates when 4 kick buttons are hit within 35 frames. It can be pianoed.
  • Spin-Dash can be canceled with a punch button.
  • Painwheels forward heavy kick command normal now has a shorter window for followups.
  • Flatliner no longer stops when an opponent is killed in the middle of it
  • Flatliner no longer interacts with assists or Ms. Fortune’s head
  • Level 3 is now faster.
  • The animation of Level 3 can be skipped by holding punch.
  • Green (stun) poison wears off more quickly when the opponent is in hit-stun. Makes it harder to do extended poison combos. Removes many combo options along with IPS change.