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Mike Z has visited the Mix-Up yet again, bringing even more news of the patch and what will be changing for many of the characters. To see it all hit up the stream archive right here!

You can find a more comprehensive list of changes after the jump!

Global Changes
  • First set of DLC colors is coming for free. Three new colors for everyone.
  • A bug involving coming in the wrong way after death has been fixed.
  • 5 frame chain buffer has been applied to jump and double jump cancels too.
  • Move Lists have been created.
  • Sparring mode now loads the exact game state of when you turned it on when you turn it off.
  • Input display has been entered, still buggy. It includes inputs on the bottom of the screen and a “custom assist” stick and button real time layout.
  • PS3 Matchmaking has been adjusted.
  • Xbox 360 loading times have been addressed.
  • IPS no longer carries over in one frame “uncombos.”
  • The screen now flashes and a sound plays when you find a match online.
  • Gamertags worked on being included in online mode.
  • Difficulty levels have been adjusted and tweaked.
  • Ranked will now be blind pick.
  • Unranked will let you see your opponent selecting your custom assist.
  • New tutorials are being worked on… though they aren’t the tutorials we are expecting.
  • Peacock Milk Chan has no shading on it.
  • You can no longer DHC out of Lenny before he comes out.
  • Peacock’s hit invincible gun now is invincible through the active frames.
  • Lenny now does about 1,500 more damage on hit and more chip on block.
  • Peacock’s bottle item drop no longer knocks you the wrong way.
  • No Chun-Li pallete Parasoul.
  • Napalm Pillar lost three frames of invulnerability after the end of the hit.
  • Parasoul’s Jumping HP has been extended back toward her to prevent whiffing at close range in a corner.
  • Parasouls’ jumping MK starts floating faster. After stopping the float you are immediately able to act.
  • Bike super’s hit-stop changed to help them combo better. Increased DHC window by eight frames.
  • Parasoul’s tear explosions do three frames less block stun.
  • Gregor Samson has +3 Frames of Recovery.
  • Hairball now combos to Gregor Samson on all characters.
  • Squiggly requires changes to the game system to work. Those changes will be implemented in this patch but no one will use them.
  • You can now combo off of air hairballs.
  • Buer Thresher (Air Super) has had its minimum damage increased.
  • Buer Thresher leaves you in normal jump afterward, so you can fly or do specials afterward.
  • Painwheel moves up slower when the screen scrolls upward, allowing characters to hit her out of flight with a super jump.
  • Painwheel can no longer rev her pinion dash for extended time after a match.
  • Valentine’s green poison now reduces 2/3rds as fast while in hit-stun, up from 1/2.
  • Savage Bypass now recovers faster. You can now hit the floor after an air Savage Bypass to do a ground EKG. You can also now combo off the wallbounce in a corner without using your OTG.
  • Double’s HK Hornet Bomber now has a gap between the last two hits so you can punish her in the middle of it on block.
  • Double’s Jumping HP has been given five more frames of hit-stun, up from previous changed version of 27 frames to 32.
  • Gradius head rings have been given reduced hit-stun. No longer combos from full screen when mashing.
  • Gradius head invincibility wears off as soon as you press a button.
  • Cerebella was nerfed by 50-75 on every normal hit (not command normals, specials, and supers). This translates to a loss of 700-1400 on combos.
  • Cerebella’s DP throw option select has been removed.
  • Ceretemkin color palate will be paid DLC.
Ms. Fortune
  • Ms. Fortune’s overhead rekka is slightly faster.
  • Using head recall now forces you to go through 9 frames of animation, making head recall cancels less useful.

source: SRK / TheMixUp