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I don’t often browse Tumblr but when I do it’s usually to check up on the one of many countless ‘ask xx’ tumblrs associated with Skullgirls. I thought I’d throw them all together into a giant list for you guys. If your tumblr isn’t on here drop me a line and I’ll put it right on up!

http://askpeacock.tumblr.com/ – Call me Peacock! This here’s my swanky blog!

http://ask–valentine.tumblr.com/ – The nurse will see you now.

http://plainwheel.tumblr.com/ – All about the girl behind the mask.

http://askprincessumbrella.tumblr.com/ – The younger sibling in all her crayola glory.

http://ask-msfortune.tumblr.com/ – Funny and punny.

http://poorlydrawnskullgirls.tumblr.com/ – What it lacks in color it makes up for in heart!

http://ask–leduc.tumblr.com/ – From the background to tumblr, he’s Le Duc!

http://askaverycock.tumblr.com/ – Peacock and Avery grow up, together!~

http://askvice-versa.tumblr.com/ – What’s on the mind of the one who is always on Cerebella’s mind?

http://askfilia.tumblr.com/ – Two heads are better than one!

http://askdouble.tumblr.com/ – Confession booth not available!

http://askcerebella.tumblr.com/ – Ask the circus star!

http://askaveryandco.tumblr.com/ – Avery answers you!

http://askagirlandherparasite.tumblr.com/ – Monochromely awesome!

http://askpainwheel.tumblr.com/ – The girl WITH the mask on this time!

http://ask-umbrella.tumblr.com/ – Now with digital colors!

http://ask-squigly.tumblr.com/ – Zombies have tumblrs too!

That’s about it!