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For reasons unknown (perhaps he’s is a wizard) Mike Z has been able to make even more changes to the patch currently in testing. These changes are pretty radical and give some options that simply weren’t available before. Check them out the full list below or look at them in motion on the mixup stream archive right here!

  • Filia – dashcancel on airballs hit or whiff.
  • Fortune – can supercancel the overhead of her Rekkas.
  • Parasoul – can call RC soldier to cancel out of her Lv3.
  • Double – hold Back during startup of Car to come out from the other side of the screen. Also Furoboros back to 1/6 meter gain (up from 0), and s.MK-2nd frame data restored (1f slower than it is now, rather than 5f slower).
  • Peacock – can supercancel teleport recovery anytime, even before she’s vulnerable, not from fake teleports; can cancel Georges into each other as soon as the bomb is created, like Parasoul’s tear toss; Peacock’s recovery after putting out Lenny is 5f faster.
  • Cerebella – longer supercancel time on j.D+MP; can cancel Ultimate Showstopper into DP+MP right before the last hit, sacrificing damage but allowing combos, scales followup damage to 33%.
  • Valentine – allow movement and actions after air scalpel super.
  • Painwheel – can fly-cancel scythe grabs on hit. Scythe hitboxes adjusted, air versions and ground LK version will grab from closer.