Squigly is the Cutest!


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Well the donation drive is over. Unfortunately we didn’t win, but we came in second, raising close to $80,000! We practically raised $50,000 in the last day alone! I’d say that’s pretty damn amazing. There’s a lot to catch up on from the stream and the previous week (which will be in another post) but for now check out the surprise Mike Z gave everyone at the end of the drive, WIP footage of Squigly! Her default and alternate colors are above, but you can catch the stream footage of her after the jump!

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Four More Days (and Two More Chances)!


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Money Falling on Happy Businessman

There’s four more days left before the donation for Evo’s eighth spot is over with, but you’ll have two more chances to donate to charity and increasing Skullgirls’ chance to get in!

The first will be today (Monday January 28) at 12pm PST on MegamanDS will be teaching Fanatiq himself how to play the game along with lots of other great surprises, learn more about it here!

The second is another drive by Mike Z and friends, which will take place on the last day of the drive (Thursday, January 31). There will be more surprises in store and lots of other stuff, find more about it here!

So save up your cash and join us on these two days! Good luck to all!

Help get Skullgirls into Evolution!


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Yes, it’s been a while! Here’s some crazy news though:

Evolution is having a donation drive to cancer for a chance to be the eighth game this year!

Go right here to donate, though it may be wise to wait until next week where the community will have a donation drive of their own (with totals to match). It’s up to you, let’s just do our best to get in!

So how’s that patch?


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So the patch has finally dropped (for PS3 owners anyway). How’s the game feel for those of you fortunate enough to have access to it? Better? Faster? Too fast? Clunky? Take the poll below to let everyone know! If the answers not in the poll feel free to write it out in a reply!

The Patch has a Date (with PSN anyway)!


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Skullgirls will finally get the patch many have been clamoring for since earlier this year. It will drop on the Playstation Network on November 20th. will update with full list of official patch notes. There is no word on when the XB360 will be getting a patch as of yet.


Support Skullgirls!


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Skullgirls needs your help! user TaxEmption has started an online petition in hopes of drumming up support for this game of ours. Essentially this is the purpose of the petition (as stated by DiscoShark on SRK):

Mike mentioned on the Salty Cupcakes stream last night that the thing fundamentally holding back Skullgirls’ future development isn’t the money to initiate the projects more so than Autumn or parties affiliated with them feeling like there wouldn’t be enough people out there either wanting it or willing to pay for it. This petition is to show that the support for Skullgirls among the community is still very much alive and waiting.

Sign the petition here!


Season’s Beatings: Ascension Skullgirls Results!


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In case you missed it here are the results for what went down at Season’s Beatings this weekend!

1. Slow Noah (Painwheel, Parasoul)
2. CoCo|Ocean (Peacock, Double)
3. FC|NYChrisG (Ms. Fortune, Parasoul)
4. AGE|Duckator (Valentine, Filia, Double)
5. Jet M (Valentine, Parasoul)
5. Hyper Marth (Parasoul)
7. Mr. Two (Ms. Fortune, Double)
7. Ace King (Peacock, Filia)


Even More Changes for the Patch!


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For reasons unknown (perhaps he’s is a wizard) Mike Z has been able to make even more changes to the patch currently in testing. These changes are pretty radical and give some options that simply weren’t available before. Check them out the full list below or look at them in motion on the mixup stream archive right here!

  • Filia – dashcancel on airballs hit or whiff.
  • Fortune – can supercancel the overhead of her Rekkas.
  • Parasoul – can call RC soldier to cancel out of her Lv3.
  • Double – hold Back during startup of Car to come out from the other side of the screen. Also Furoboros back to 1/6 meter gain (up from 0), and s.MK-2nd frame data restored (1f slower than it is now, rather than 5f slower).
  • Peacock – can supercancel teleport recovery anytime, even before she’s vulnerable, not from fake teleports; can cancel Georges into each other as soon as the bomb is created, like Parasoul’s tear toss; Peacock’s recovery after putting out Lenny is 5f faster.
  • Cerebella – longer supercancel time on j.D+MP; can cancel Ultimate Showstopper into DP+MP right before the last hit, sacrificing damage but allowing combos, scales followup damage to 33%.
  • Valentine – allow movement and actions after air scalpel super.
  • Painwheel – can fly-cancel scythe grabs on hit. Scythe hitboxes adjusted, air versions and ground LK version will grab from closer.